17 Dec

Malformed/infected word/excel docs sent via email

email-iconWe are seeing lots of emails with malformed or infected word and excel attachments.  These attachments appear to be genuine documents, but actually contain a macro or vba script virus.  Modern versions of Microsoft office (2010 and 2013) have macros disabled by default.  If macros are enabled then you will be infected by simply opening the attachments.  If you open an attachment by mistake DO NOT follow the advice and enable macros, as you will be infected.

If you have any concerns give us a call on 01539 720104

17 Dec

Welcome to our new website

LaunchWe are pleased to announce that our new website is live and ready for the world to view.

We’ll be keeping the news section up to date with the latest tech news and our handy remote support system can be accessed directly from the site.

You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date with what we’re doing.