From installation of a new wired or wireless network through to fault finding within your current network, our experienced engineers can discuss your requirements and provide you with a cost effective and timely solution to your issues.

We install and configure smaller networks but work with specialist contractors when larger installations are required. We can work with you to provide the infrastructure your business needs now, whilst allowing for expansion as you grow.

Connectivity from remote locations is now a prerequisite for most businesses. This ranges from allowing employees to retrieve email or documents on the move through to remote offices connecting to the main server seamlessly. We have particular experience coping with the poor quality broadband in much of our catchment area, though this is thankfully changing with the introduction for fibre based broadband.


From a simple additional network points to multi-core point-to-point fibre installations, Lakes Consultants have the knowledge to help you get your network working the way you want, with room to expand in the future.


Lakes can supply and configure VPN connections for a range of applications.  From LAN to LAN tunnels, securing remote offices to SSL VPN’s which allow remote workers to access intranets and internal web apps securely from anywhere in the world on any PC or Mac.


Most people have access to their email on their phone nowadays, but the average smart phone can do so much more.  Synchronising an Microsoft Exchange server allows emails, calendars, task, contacts and more to be synchronised seamlessly with your desktop apps.  And in case the worst happens and you lose your mobile, we can help you to remotely wipe your device before anyone gets to your data.


Wireless Fidelity can cause all sorts of problems, too many users can bring a wireless network to a halt.  Luckily with our help there are options to improve your wireless reliability or increase it’s range.  With knowledge of the latest wireless standards and many years of experience we can help get your network back up and running.