Superfast Broadband for Cumbria

Superfast BroadbandSuperfast, fibre broadband (FTTC) has been available for a while and most businesses who can get fibre have already taken advantage of the faster download and upload speeds it provides.  But some businesses have felt a little left out because Fibre broadband isn’t available to all!  Those close to the telephone exchange (EO lines) and some in more remote areas who don’t have a cabinet to connect to cannot get fibre broadband and have to make do with slow ADSL speeds.

But things are slowing changing with the help of Connecting Cumbria.  They are working with BT to enable as many cabinets as they can and install new cabinets for the exchange only lines.  Kendal has seen a number of cabinets pop up in the last few weeks helping businesses in the centre of town get superfast broadband.  This project is going on all over Cumbria and they hope to bring fibre broadband to as many people as possible.

If you want to check if fibre broadband is available to your business, you can use BT’s DSL checker.  If you want some ideas on how your business can utilise a faster broadband connection, just give us a call on 01539 720104